Here’s every song we ever recorded in a new collection called No Nostalgia: 2009 - 2014. Thanks for being cool to us for the last five years!

Grown-Ups - spare time
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oh yeah and here’s a newer, better version of “Spare Time” also from the album that will never come out

Grown-Ups - the judge
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here’s an unreleased demo that was gonna be on our next LP but will now just exist here :)

This is Growing Up

hey guys. we are done as a band. to coincide with the release of our split with Woolworm, we will play two last shows in Calgary with a special four-piece lineup including old and new songs. there will be more new music and new projects down the road, this one’s just done.

thx for being chill/putting up with our bullshit for the past 5 years

a huge thank you to:
Darrell Hartsook, Andrew Giles, Alex Mahan, Carl Ramsay, Adam Willett, Tubby Dog, B-Lines, White Lung, Nü Sensae, Forced Laugh, Fucked Up, Sabertooth, Topless Mongos, The Throwaways, Woolworm, Scotch Tapes, Mammoth Cave, Kevin Stebner/Bart Records, Weird Canada, Jason and Elijah, Spencer Brown, Lindsay Shedden, everyone else who booked shows for us and/or played with us, Ruffles Au Gratin, Mountain Dew, Waka Flocka Flame and whoever else idgaf.


I made a new pop-punk mix. I hope you listen to it, and feel a little bit dumber afterwards.

Charlie Brown Jr. “M&Ms” (Blink 182 cover, live on MTV Brazil, 1999)
88 Fingers Louie “All My Friends Are in Popular Bands”
Osker “Strangled”
Bio-Dome trailer
Value Pac “Graduation”
D.B.S. “Dogma Schmogma”
Green Day onstage meltdown
“Weird Al” Yankovic “Basket Case” (edit from “Alternative Polka”)
Gob “Na Na Na, Blah Blah Blah, Fuck You” (ft. Avril Lavigne)
MxPx “The Wonder Years”
Frenzal Rhomb “My Pants Keep Falling Down”
Hi-Standard “Catch a Wave” (ft. wazzaaaap)
The Vandals “To All the Kids”
Millencolin “Mr. Clean”
“Leave It to Blink 182” (MAD TV sketch intro)
Blink 182 “Wrecked Him”
Tony Hawk and Blink 182 (cameo on The Simpsons)
Fun 100 “Internet Girlfriend”
Chixdiggit “King of Kensington”
The Vandals “My Girlfriend’s Dead” (ft. Kirk Van Houten)
Goldfinger “Mable”
Wax “The Happy Song” (Ren & Stimpy cover)
Another Joe “Special Blend” (intro from Sook-Yin Lee on The Wedge)
Sum 41 (live on Jonovision, 1998)
NOFX “The Decline” (re-edit with Rob Ivey MIDI sequence)


Tomorrow’s the Terry Fox Run, so listen to this song from our old pop-punk band STICKS.


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Here’s a remix of the title track from our Stopped Caring LP courtesy of best dude in the world Jay Arner. The LP is still available to buy here